Wunder Audio Wunder Audio Wunderbar Console - 8 channel, 16 monitors, 1 Powerbar PSU, Exquisite Trim

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The Wunder Audio Wunderbar Super D is an analog console forged from inspiration, innovation and the bold desire to build the most impressive recording desk in the world. The result is a console so accomplished, it features The Wunderbahn, the worlds first desk to come standard with three vintage stereo bus flavors, and employs a fully symmetrically balanced discrete summing bus system. This unprecedented blend of performance, technology, and perfectly crafted build quality is simply the next standard in the pursuit of the perfect recording. The Super D version features 8-channel sections supporting D-sub25 8-Channel cables.

  • 8-Channel Sections Supports D-sub25 8-Channel Cables
  • Expanded Inputs and Outputs
  • DAW D-Sub Inputs Plus Mult for Analog
  • Balanced Aux Masters
  • Track/Mix Flip and Insert Defeat Capability
  • Isolated DC Voltage Paths and Audio Paths

Please note: Stock photo may not accurately reflect specific configuration.

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