Lynx Studio Part for Aurora (n) LM-PRE4

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The Lynx Studio Technologies LM-PRE4 is a preamp module designed to fit inside of the Aurora(ⁿ). This unit adds four mic/line/Hi-Z input channels, as well as an additional four channels of A/D conversion. When inserted into the LSlot of your Aurora(ⁿ), you will have an interface that provides A/D conversion, D/A playback through your monitors, a microSD recorder, and a four-channel preamp for recording all manner of instruments and vocals.

The module has been designed to be a sonic complement to the Aurora(ⁿ), offering the same precision, clarity, and transparency expected from all manner of Lynx products. Combined with the Aurora(ⁿ)'s microSD recorder, the LM-PRE4 can also be the backbone of a mobile rig. The LM-PRE4 sports combination XLR-1/4" jacks by Neutrik, accepting both balanced and unbalanced signals.

The module employs a transformerless design, offering 68.6 dB of gain. It also exhibits extremely low noise, distortion, and crosstalk characteristics, all while providing 48V phantom power, attenuation pads, and polarity control for every channel. Integrating seamlessly with the Aurora(ⁿ)'s engine, the unit works with both the Thunderbolt and USB versions.
Key Features at a Glance

Four-channel microphone/line/Hi-Z input module for the Aurora(n)
Onboard Aurora(n) A/D conversion directly coupled to preamp out for four additional input channels
Transformerless, transparent design
Up to 68.6 dB gain in 1 dB increments
Fully-differential, current-feedback preamplifier architecture
Low noise (-129 dBu EIN) microphone input
Noise and distortion optimized at all gain settings
Independent 48V phantom power, phase, high-pass filter, and pad for each channel
Dedicated line-level signal path provides performance identical to other (AIO8E) input channels
Gold contact relays for distortion-free signal routing
Seamless integration with the Aurora(n) mixing and routing engine

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