Ever wanted a whole rig in one compact pedalboard friendly system? Well, we think that Friedman has the solution for you. The Friedman IRX pedal is an all-tube preamp package that produces rich harmonic goodness of a full-stacked setup. The beauty of being power by two high-voltage 12AX7 preamp tubes means that rather than producing a simulated sound, this pedal is giving you raw, authentic tube tones. It has a real beating heart that is giving you genuine responses, gain characteristics, and harmonic complexities that all guitarists are searching for.

Similar to Friedmans flagship amps, the IR-X has two independent channels with boost to give you easy and accessible sonic freedom with ability to change tone at the click of a bottom. One channel takes a bluesy soundscape, with the iconic Plexi-British growl. The second channel produces Friedmans signature high-gain voice with an expressive punch in tone, incredible note clarity and plenty of juicy sustain.

Friedman havent just given you an authentic preamp, they have gone one step further to give you a hybrid pedal with digital impulse response cabinets and power amp simulations. You have the ability to plug in a play whether youre in the studio, at home with headphones, or into a speaker interface without the need for a cabinet.

The IR-X includes Dave Friedmans favourite cabinet IRs for you to enjoy and use as presets. By downloading the IR-X software you will be open to a whole host of sonic possibilities to experiment and engage with, giving you genuine and authentic classic Friedman tones without the need of massive amps cluttering up your space. The Friedman IR-X presents an authentic preamp pedal to give you a user-friendly system that encapsulates your favourite tones into one compact, portable stompbox.

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