Burl Audio B16-BMB6-4x4

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B16 Mothership AES/EBU Mastering Bundle

The Burl Audio B16-BMB6-4X4 Mastering Mothership Bundle consists of a B16-BMB6 Mothership with AES/EBU Motherboard; its two slots stuffed with B16-BAD4M 4-channel AD and B16-BDA4M 4-channel DA daughter cards.

Combining the Mothership’s modular configurability and the flexibility of AES/EBU, Burl Audio’s B16 Mothership converter chassis with AES/EBU is an innovative way of approaching digital conversion, letting you easily add the power of AES/EBU to your system for extremely low-latency audio processing, networking, and real-time monitoring. Pre-configured with Burl’s BMB3 AES/EBU module, the B16 offers up to 32 channels of I/O (up to 64 channels with optional second BK BKII daughterboard card).

The Burl Audio B16 Mothership is a 2-slot, 2U empty converter chassis. Incorporating technology developed for the company’s flagship B80, the B16 Mothership delivers the same legendary sonics in a smaller, more portable chassis. The B16 also accepts any combination of optional I/O cards, and a AES/EBU motherboard card is included. Burl Audio converters are renowned for their tape-machine-like response to signal level, letting you control your signal’s tone through gain staging. Burl digital converters give you a world-class analog front end with amazingly deep and detailed conversion, and the B16 Mothership makes it possible!

Acclaimed Converters with an Analog Sound

Burl Audio’s BAD8 8-channel A/D converter module packs more sonic character than anything in its class. Designed for use with Burl Audio’s B16 Mothership 2-slot chassis, the BAD4 has a Class A signal path with discrete transistors for maximum conversion quality, but Burl didn’t stop there. The BAD4’s analog signal path is designed for flexible recording tone depending on how hot you run your signals, just like an analog tape machine! Combining transparent, vibrant conversion with the sought-after vibe of analog recording systems means you’ll want to track everything in your studio through the Burl Audio BAD4 A/D converter!

Burl Audio: pro gear driven by an audiophile sensibility

Burl Audio B16-BMB6-4X4 Mastering Mothership Bundle — AES/EBU Includes:

B16-BMB6 Mothership with AES/EBU Motherboard
B16-BAD4M 4-channel AD Card
B16-BDA4M 4-channel DA Card

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