Benchmark AHB2 Silver

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Код товара: 27925
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The silver AHB2 High-Resolution Power Amplifier from Benchmark is designed to accurately reproduce high resolution audio. The dynamic range approaches 130 dB, and the frequency response extends below 0.1 Hz and beyond 200 kHz. When reproducing high-resolution 24-bit PCM and 1-bit DSD digital audio formats, this amplifier allows you to hear nuances and dynamics which get lost when using amplifiers with lower dynamic ranges.

The AHB2 has bi-polar class-AB output stage that delivers high output current and low noise. The THX patented feed-forward error correction provides accurate cancellation of zero-crossing errors. In addition, the AHB2 uses a resonant switching power supply with a fast control loop so mechanical hum is eliminated while magnetic field strength is reduced.

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