Small Format Analogue Recording Console

Big sound, small footprint.

The ASP4816-HE offers everything the Standard Edition has but with a few more tricks up its sleeve in the form of Vintage Mix Bus Processing, John Hardy Op Amps on the mix bus output, powerful new additions to the mix bus compressor and so much more.

The Heritage Edition is an in-line, fully analogue recording and mixing console providing everything you’d expect from a large format recording console but in a space-friendly footprint. Designed from the ground up by David Dearden and featuring his legendary analog circuitry, the ASP4816-HE is the perfect centrepiece for production studios.

• 16 x Audient Mic Preamps

• 40 Faders

• 48 Inputs at mix

• 16 x Record Buses

• 42 x Inputs

• 8 x Subgroups

• 6 x Auxes, 2 x Cue Sends

• In-line Architecture – twin inputs on each channel

• 4 x Stereo Monitor Outputs

• Advanced Monitor Control

• 4 Band Splittable EQ

• Stereo VCA Mix Bus Compressor

• Vintage Mix Bus Processing

• Gain Reduction VU Meter

• Footswitch for Talkback Control

• John Hardy 990 Opamps

• Bus Compression Bass Expand

• Monitoring Grade Headphone Output

Вес 100 кг

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