The EXS-4 is an electronic drum kit that consists of a 13-inch bass drum, a 13-inch snare drum, three 10-inch toms, a 12-inch hi-hat, a 14-inch crash cymbal and a 16-inch ride. You also get the xD3 drum module and a rack. The bass drum pad is also suitable for those who use a double bass drum pedal.

The xD3 drum module is the beating heart of this electronic drum kit. It's easy to use and has comprehensive functionality and connection possibilities. There are 5 fantastic-sounding kits on board and 20 songs for you to play along with too. There are practice and recording functions and a built-in metronome to help you keep time. If you're worried that sounds from 5 drum kits is not enough, you'll be pleased to know that you can always download extra sounds from ATV's website. You can add another crash cymbal to the setup via the extra jack input and there's an SD card slot that you can use to add more songs and sounds. There's MIDI on board too so that you can connect a computer and an auxiliary input so that you can connect an external audio source as well.

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