Argosy Halo-K-E2-B-T-S Halo Keyboard Height Adjustable Desk w/Black Top&Silver Legs

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The Argosy Halo.KE2 Base Sit-Stand Desk is the perfect place to start your studio upgrade. You can add any of the accessories to Halo.KE2 at a later time and start out enjoying the proprietary stabilization technology makes Halo.KE2 the most stable sit-stand keyboard desk in its class. Motorized actuators can accommodate evenly distributed loads up to 200 lb. 3-height programmable memory allows you to set a desk height anywhere from 27" to 42".

  • Proprietary stabilization system
  • 3-height programmable memory
  • 200 lb lifting capacity - evenly distributed
  • Voltage range 100-120
  • Dual 8 space rack bays - 1st rack space (on each bay) has 3.75" depth restriction
  • Heavy duty steel legs with floor levelers
  • Aluminum extrusion accessory rail
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish
  • Pack 100 rack rail screws
  • Made in the USA

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