Argosy Avid S6 EG4-S6-7B-RD-B-M-B 7 Bucket Wide, 8sp Rack Left, Desk Right, Mahogany EPs, Black legs

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The Argosy Eclipse S6 is designed and engineered to accommodate the M40 or M10 system components and allows you to create, and later expand, your console to adapt to your needs.

ECLIPSE console system was developed to bring important features of a large format console to today's high powered control surfaces and ancillary gear.

Creature comforts include an on-board accessory racks, smooth writing surfaces with padded armrests, and smart optional accessories.

  • Compatible with M40 (5 and 9 knob) & M10 based systems
  • 7 "buckets" wide
  • 8-space rack on left and producers desk on the right
  • Aluminum extrusion accessory rail
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Please note: Stock photo used. Product photo does not depict exact item color or configuration.

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