APS Aether Active Midfield Studio Monitor (Pair)

As with the AEON 2 and Klasik 2020, The new APS AETHER incorporates a number of features that APS have developed and refined over the years. Ideal for both stereo and Atmos applications, the AETHER build upon the success of the KLASIK2020 and offrs a midfield solution for those requiring more power whilst retaining their signature balance, detail, 3d soundstage and accuracy. Features include:

STAGETM APS Technology

Equalization not only in amplitude but also in time – a feature unique to APS monitors APS studio monitors. It allows for accurate localization of the sound source on stage. This definitely reduces the time and amount of work with the sound material. An additional advantage of STAGETM technology: sources have a natural sound. This reduces fatigue for the sound engineer and the musicians and makes work much more enjoyable.

Bass RefinedTM APS Technology

The optimal combination of loudspeaker design, cabinet construction and electronic signal control allows active monitors to deliver incomparably better bass performance than classic passive speakers.

The APS monitors are designed to deliver a near-perfect balance of bass dynamics and depth, clarity and naturalness, control and structure.

Paired Monitors with APS Accuracy of: ± 0.25 dB

Monitors made from select components are equalized and calibrated to a reference. In the final stage, they are paired for frequency response. As a result, the soundstage is multidimensional and detailed, and instruments that are clearly audible are precisely positioned.

Damped Bass Reflex

Damped bass-reflex speaker systems allow you to build and use monitors that are smaller or have deeper bass, while achieving higher SPL levels and lower distortion. Closed-cabinet compact designs, on the other hand, have better bass precision and control. Optimized bass-reflex damping is a compromise solution that maximizes the benefits of the above designs. The more modern APS monitors are designed with the damping introduced and are much appreciated by implementers for this.

APS Technology Horn Bass ReflexTM

The Tubular Bass ReflexTM developed and proposed by APS is a completely novel idea. It is based on using a set of two tubes that are not necessarily identical and are connected to each other by inlets. However, the tubes do not work in a typical way. They create a kind of tunnel, which significantly differs from an ordinary tube or slot.

A commonly known bass-reflex tunnel is a straight or bent/broken piece of pipe or slot with rounded ends. Equipment with electronic signal control, such as studio monitors, and especially those with deep bass, require a substantial size of such a tunnel to avoid turbulence and rippling at the ends. This complicates the design and increases the size of the device. The alternative is an expensive passive diaphragm, which requires space on the cabinet walls, complicating the design and introducing additional non-linear distortion.

The Tubular Bass-ReflexTM has no ends like a tube or slot, so it does not generate turbulence and ripple. Only in the too narrow constriction of complex tubes can noise occur, but it is less audible and annoying than rippling. It is possible to design a large enough venting diameter without over-expanding the tube assembly. In addition, APS used tubes whose formant is a cathenoid, further reducing the size of the tube assembly.

APS Technology Refined ProportionsTM

A loudspeaker enclosure requires a large enough interior volume so that the stiffness of the air inside is sufficiently low. This results in low resonance, or deep bass, for a loudspeaker with as little vibrational mass as possible. Low vibrational mass translates directly into improved sound quality and loudness. The interior of the most reasonable rectangular enclosure has its proportions. By choosing them appropriately, it is possible to minimize standing waves inside the enclosure so that they do not interfere with the sound produced by the studio monitor.

Woofer: Hard Pressed Paper, Dust Cap: DKM Technology

The diaphragm is made of very hard and lightweight modified cellulose with optimal damping of natural resonance. It provides a detailed and natural sound.

Tweeter: Aluminum/Magnesium Dome, Wide Sonomex Surround

Tweeter: Extra Large Magnetic Circuit

Midwoofer: Stiff Injected Metal

Midwoofer: Lower Copper Ring, Extra Large Magnet System

The electromagnetic system with extra large magnet and heavy duty voice coil, the speaker motor, is made with MIRROR DRIVE technology with demodulators, Faraday rings and optimal pole piece
geometry. These solutions allow the diaphragm to be robustly and precisely vibrated in line with the input signal while minimizing non-linear distortion. The result is a much cleaner, clearer, more dynamic sound than conventional solutions.


Bass/Mid-Range Power Amplifier: High Power Extra Quality Failure-FreeTM APS Technology
Tweeter Power Amplifier: Natural Sound DMOS Power Stage Technology

High power is delivered to the speakers exclusively by analogue power amplifiers made with DMOS technology. These field effect transistor amplifiers have very low distortion and very low noise. The result is a natural sound associated with high-end tube amplifiers rather than cheap solid-state ones.

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