Hammond B-3 Portable K+S

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The PORTABLE B-3, like the NEW B-3 is an exact duplication of Hammond’s Original B-3 using modern, lightweight Digital technology. For the first time the B-3 is offered in an easy-to-move cabinet which is simple to set up and transport. Playing dimensions (when assembled) and all controls are identical to the original, vintage B-3, as is the unforgettable classic sound.

Keyboard 61-note Keyboard x 2 and a 25-note pedal keyboard
Preset Key 12 keys, Mechanical Latch
Preset Memory Internal memory, CF card
Keying Method Direct Analog Keying
Polyphony Full Polyphony (Upper & Lower)/8 notes Polyphony (Pedal)
Generator for Upper & Lower Manual Key Generator for Pedal 96 digital tone-wheels (Btype1, Btype2, Mellow) Level is adjustable wheel by wheel for 96 tone wheels VASE III (Muted, Normal, Synth 1, Synth2) Normal timbre is adjustable by drawbar’s composite system.
Swell Drawbars 9 pitches, 2 sets
Great Drawbars 9 pitches, 2 sets
Pedal Drawbars 2 pitches
Vibrato / Chorus V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3, (programmable), Swell On, Great On.
Onboard Digital Leslie Advanced 2 rotor, digital Leslie
Leslie Switch Slow, Stop, Fast
Percussion ON/OFF, Second / Third Harmonic Slow/Fast Decay, Normal/Soft Volume
Preamp Vacuum tube x 2(12AU7: Overdrive, 12AX7: Preamp)
Control Expression Pedal w/Foot Switch
Motor Control (Up/Down Switch Pedal Sustain, Manual Bass, Normal/Soft Volume)
Digital Reverb Spring and 10 more models, Leslie On Reverb, Reverb Volume
Volume Overdrive, Reverb, Master Volume
EQ Bass, Treble, Mid-Range (adjustable center frequency), B-3 type “tone” control
Display LCD 20 Character x 2 Lines (orange back Light)
External Slot CF (Compact Flash) Card Head Phone, Line in L/R, Line out L/R, Pedal out Effect Send/Return
Input/Output 11-pin Leslie Socket x 2 (Main, Echo) MIDI OUT, MIDI PEDAL IN Leslie Switch, Main/Echo Switch
Weight (including Pedal & Bench) 276 lbs
Console Dimensions 51 1/2” (W) x 28” (D) x 38” (H)
Keyboard Cover Included
Optional Main/Echo Switch

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