Eventide ROSE

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Rose is a modulated delay like no other. From reverse delays, slapback, chorus and everything in between, Rose is capable of producing a wide range of sounds. The perfect hybrid of analog and digital, the pedal features five different modulation sources, delay multiplier, phase invert/reverse, 25 customizable presets, true analog dry path, MIDI, and AUX/Expression via TRS for ultimate versatility, on stage or in the studio. 


  • Analog dry path with analog Mix, Filter, and Feedback
  • Comes with 25 factory presets (5 banks with 5 presets each)
  • Standard delay times from 10 sec to 10 μsec
  • Modulation sweep from 1/2 to 2x the standard delay time, simultaneously modulating pitch across a full octave +/-
  • Selectable modulation source: Sine / Square / Random / Envelope / External (CV)
  • Tap Division selection (quarter, eighth, dotted eighth, triplet)
  • MIDI Tap Tempo & Clock Receive
  • Reverse delay function for backwards delays
  • Invert function flips the phase of the delayed signal
  • Delay Multiply (2X, 3X, 4X, 5X) for delays up to 50 sec
  • Assignable Hotswitch: Tap Tempo / Infinite Repeat / A/B switching / LFO Hold / LFO Reset
  • Input Level Select Switch: Line / Instrument
  • TRS/TS Input for expression pedal, auxiliary Switch and MIDI
  • Selectable Bypass: Relay / Buffered / Input Kill
  • USB for use with Eventide Device Manager (manage presets, settings, MIDI and more)
  • Software V3 offers MIDI Tap Tempo & Clock Receive, Kill-Dry mode, and "Envelope Off" mode

Explore 25 Customizable Presets

Rose comes with 25 factory presets, divided among 5 banks with 5 presets each. The sound is exquisite and the range of effects wide. Users can customize or create their own with the Device Manager software. 

Bank 1

Preset 1: A: Lead Delay / B: Reverse
Preset 2: A: Chorus / B: Leslie
Preset 3: A: Slapback / B: Frenetic Filter
Preset 4: A: Dirty Dub Delay 
Preset 5: A: Infinite Pitch Bend

Bank 2

Preset 1: A: Crepitate / B: Rustle
Preset 2: A: GreenThumb / B: OverBloom
Preset 3: A: Essence / B: RoseHips
Preset 4: A: FlyTrap / B: BugEyed
Preset 5: A: FiveMind / B: DroneDance

Bank 3

Preset 1: A: Wilting / B: Waxing
Preset 2: A: Spores / B: Halos
Preset 3: A: ReOscillate / B: RePollinate
Preset 4: A: BlossomTrail / B: AromaTherapy
Preset 5: A: GreenHouse / B: WindowSill

Bank 4

Preset 1: A: JustInVase / B: BouquetDecay
Preset 2: A: Organ-ic / B: Cyanic
Preset 3: A: RosesAreThread / B: VioletsAreThrough
Preset 4: A: Topiaryl / B: Airy
Preset 5: A: PlanterBox / B: FertileStalks

Bank 5

Preset 1: A: SweetHearts / B: ValenTines
Preset 2: A: CitizenCaninae / B: Roseb
Preset 3: A: CutAndDried / B: RowsofRose
Preset 4: A: Hybridl / B: HydRate
Preset 5: A: Rosenate / B: Sonorose

Eventide Device Manager

Unlocking the full potential of the Rose pedal is easy with EDM. Connect the pedal via the USB (mini-B) port to your computer for direct access to all functionality of the Rose pedal. EDM software allows users to control every parameter in a digital realm: Install software updates, create and manage presets, set up MIDI, and backup/restore the device. Effortlessly make changes to the Rose by auditioning and experimenting with different sounds directly from the software. 

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