Doepfer d3m Organ Master Keyboard o.NT/no PS inverted keybed

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d3m is a midi organ master keyboard without built-in sound generation. It contains a 5 octave manual with feeling and looking modelled on the classic examples (so-called waterfall keyboard with ivory keys). In addition it has 22 buttons for program change available. Each button is equipped with a blue LED. Following previous organ designs the buttons are organized as 10 preset bank buttons and 12 preset number buttons. The 12 number buttons correspond to the different colored lowest octave that was available in previous organs. Additionally a foot controller and a foot switch can be connected. Both are programmable (e.g. volume for the foot controller and sustain or rotary speaker on/off for the foot switch). The keyboard is equipped with Midi In and Midi Out and offers Midi velocity. Two (or even more) of these manuals can be daisy-chained via midi out/in as upper/lower manual. The keyboards are distinguished by different midi channels. For the power supply an external AC adapter is used (an adapter for 230V AC and European type of mains connector is included for all shipments within Europe, for other countries please contact the representative in your country). Two DC sockets are available at the rear panel of each d3m for daisy-chaining the power supply for several d3m. In this case only one AC adapter is required for all devices.

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