Caparison Dellinger II FX Prominence MF T. Spectrum Blue

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Код товара: 48964
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

The Dellinger II FX Prominence is the definitive testament to the deep-rooted mantra that drives Caparison’s pursuit of perfection. A mantra that is deep in the heart and soul of every hand-crafted instrument that Caparison Guitars produce.

The deceivingly simplistic qualities of the Dellinger II FX Prominence are the key to its true elegance and ultimate sophistication.

The bolt on 648mm scale, 24 fret matt urethane finished Maple/Walnut 5-piece neck is fast, comfortable and exceptionally stable. From the lightest touch to a full-on 6 string assault, the Dellinger II FX Prominence can be as nimble, eloquent and well-spoken or as intensely fierce and rebellious as the mood takes you.  

The tripartite M3 body construction (Mahogany/Maple/Mahogany) provides an impactful and well-balanced timbre to the overall sound of the Dellinger II FX Prominence.

Through body stringing and a hard Zinc Gotoh fixed bridge increases full range sustain. Notes are well defined and lively but still carry a great deal of weight and authority, and with improved PH-R and PH-R Caparison pickups, and a push/pull coil-tap incorporated into the singular tone pot, the powerhouse sound of the Dellinger II FX Prominence is even more dynamic, articulate and energising.

New school playability seamlessly combined with traditional old school Japanese skill, craftmanship and precision, the Dellinger II FX Prominence is the perfect foundation for all of your musical expressions.

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