L-1 Power System (PSU + 2 Busboards)

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12V bipolar linear PSU and busboards for Eurorack synthesizers.

  • 115/230V switchable.
  • 1.5A per rail maximum output without ripples and noise.
  • low voltage dropout under load. LDO regulators used.
  • less heat because 13.7V 60VA transformer used.
  • 2A fuse in the outlet.
  • 1.85A thermofuses after the transformer on each rail.
  • precise trimmable in range +-0.5V
  • PCBs are gold platted, 2mm thickness, maximum possible thick foil layer 105mkm.
  • two options: with 25mm height and 50mm height heatsinks.
  • all wiring on headers. Different types possible: MTA-156 (included), spades, with screws, IDE ribbons.
  • 5V regulator on busboards.

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