L-1 Midside Discrete Microcompressor

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Analog stereo compressor based on Blackmer topology with midside processor and sidechaining HP/LP filter for each channel.

Midside Discrete Compressor is the most comprehensive compressor from L-1 and is like the Stereo Discrete Microcompressor a further development of the Microcompressor Stereo available as DIY kit and replaces the THAT3401 chip by a discrete Blacksea circuit. The new mix control allows parallel compression and a CV input for the ratio parameter has also been added. The reduction display in the new version is implemented as an LED meter instead of just a single LED. Except for the mix parameter, all parameters are CV controllable. Yes, even the filter cutoff. One special feature has been taken over from the Stereo Discrete Microcompressor: The envelope output of the compressor. By the switch above the mix potentiometer the compressor can be switched in three modes: Midside/Stereo/Dual Mono and can thus also be used as two independent compressors in relation to the smaller L-1 compressors. This compressor does not have to hide from vintage rack units, despite the relatively low price and the small construction in Eurorack format. As usual for L-1, the module has a board-protecting aluminum back plate and is built from only high-quality components.

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