Elysia xflter Mastering Edition

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xfilter Mastering Edition

4-Band Analog Stereo Equalizer

Stereo Link and Precise Control Range

It all started with Bob Katz’s idea of tweaking his own xfilter. So Ruben surely took this pretty serious and spend some time for tweaking components on the circuit board until he and of course Bob were 100% convinced with the overall sound by checking serval recordings in our elysia Class-A Lounge – Studio in Nettetal, Germany.

Now the result: The xfilter Mastering Edition is a very sophisticated, handcrafted analog stereo 4-band equalizer, with both channels linked for stereo operation. All four bands provide a precise control range of +/-5dB.

This fine Stereo Mastering EQ produces the high-end sound of a Class A equalizer at an amazing value for the money. He produces an absolutely precise stereo image based on the use of computer-selected components with extremely low tolerances.

5 reasons why you should use the xfilter Mastering Edition

even there are many more!

  • Build Quality

    The xfilter Mastering Edition, just like all our products, is designed, engineered and handcrafted in Germany.

  • Class-A Topology

    Consequently represents the art of discrete signal processing.

  • True Stereo Link

    As one of the few exceptions in the market, the xfilter processes both of its channels with just one set of controllers – a true stereo linked EQ.

  • Control Range

    The xfilter Mastering Edition offers a precise control range of all four bands of +/-5dB.

  • Output

    Equipped with a balanced output stage with up to +27dBu for Mastering purposes.

    The Hard Facts

    A special feature of this analog equalizer shines through its double flexibility! It offers high and low shelf bands which can be switched to high and low pass filters with resonance control.

    Two bell filters with narrow and wide Q for the mid frequencies as well as additional passive LC stages with shielded coils to refine the treble frequencies.

    Technical Data

    Frequency response
    <10 Hz - 400 kHz (-3.0 dB)THD+N
    @ 0 dBu, 20 Hz – 22 kHz: 0.0018 %
    @ +10 dBu, 20 Hz – 22 kHz: 0.005 %

    Noise floor
    20 Hz – 20 kHz (A-weighted): -92 dBu

    Dynamic range
    20 Hz – 22 kHz: 120 dB

    Maximum level
    Input: +27 dBu
    Output: +27 dBu

    Input: 10 kOhm
    Output: 68 Ohm

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