Argosy Halo-K88-E2-B-S Halo Keyboard Height Adjustable Desk for 88 keys w/Black Eps, Silver Legs

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The most popular studio desk for keyboard centric studios is now available for larger 88 note keyboard controllers. The Argosy Halo.K88E2 Base Unit is the perfect place to start your studio upgrade. You can add any of the accessories to Halo.K88E2 at a later time and start out enjoying the proprietary stabilization technology makes HALO.K88E the most stable sit-stand keyboard desk in its class. Motorized actuators can accommodate evenly distributed loads up to 200 lb 3-height programmable memory allows you to set a desk height anywhere from 27" to 42".

  • HALO.K88E2 base unit
  • Proprietary stabilization system
  • 3-height programmable memory
  • 180 lb lifting capacity, evenly distributed
  • Voltage Range 110-230
  • Dual 8-space rack bays
  • Heavy-duty steel legs with floor levelers
  • Aluminum extrusion accessory rail
  • Length: 95.7"; depth: 35.5"; height range: 27.2" to 43.0"
  • Pack 100 Rack Rail Screws

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