Argosy Halo-K-XC-B-S Halo K Ultimate-Halo K,2 Shelves,Pr. 160 Spkr Platforms,Kybrd try,D8 Monitor Arm, CPU Shelf

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Specially adapted design for keyboard-centric studios. The Argosy Halo.K Ultimate allows integration for most 61 note keyboard controllers with all the features of the Halo.

The "Ultimate" package includes accessories to allow you to attach your CPU securely to your workstation, as well as position near-field monitors on IsoAcoustics loaded 160 speaker mounts. Combine rack gear with stand-alone electronics on shelves specially designed for HALO angled racks. Float your screen on easy to install D8 Monitor Arm. Handy accessory drawer provides convenient storage.

  • Halo.K base unit
  • Dual 8-space rack bays
  • D8 monitor arm (4.4 - 17.6 lb capacity)
  • 160 speaker mounts (2)
  • Utility shelves (2)
  • Pull-out keyboard tray
  • CPU mount
  • Heavy duty steel legs with floor levelers
  • Aluminum extrusion accessory rail
  • Hautelink finish
  • Pack of 100 rack rail screws
  • Made in the USA

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