Wunder Audio PEQ4 HiQ module for console or rack

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The Wunder Audio PEQ4 HiQ 4-band Mic-Pre/EQ features selectable narrow or wide Q allowing you to enhance (boost) and/or minimize (cut) a larger number of selected frequencies. Designed in 2019 for Roger Waters' 48-channel Wunderbar, the PEQ4 has 4 bands: lows, low-mids, high-mids, and highs. There's more control over the boost and cut compared to the PEQ2, and new custom-made aluminum gun-metal gray knobs give the module a cool vibe. This new module also boasts silent switching push-buttons. The push-buttons activate a relay so no audio passes through them, making them silent. The new PEQ4 includes the custom transformers, which give it that thick Wunder sound.

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