L-1 Discrete 4-channel Stereo Mixer

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Discretely built, voltage controlled 4x stereo mixer.

The Discrete VC Stereo Mixer is the further development of the VC Stereo Mixer. The circuitry has been extensively redesigned and is based on a discrete Blacksea VCA circuit like most newer discrete L-1 modules. Each of the four channels can be used as mono or stereo channel and has CV inputs for level and pan. The left input is normalized to the right input in each case. Two available expanders let you add mute switches and insert jacks for each channel. A special feature among Eurorack mixers is the dedicated VCA for the stereo sum. This mixer provides exceptionally clean summing. As usual for L-1, the module has a board-protecting aluminum back plate and is built from only high-quality components.

TE: 22
Power consumption +12V: 230
Power consumption -12V: 140

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