Endorphin.es Grand Terminal

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Endorphin.es Grand Terminal is a digital multifunctional module for modular synthesizers in Eurorack format. The two function generators of the module can be used as envelopes, LFOs or with some restrictions also as VCOs. It has two filter channels with eight filter types each, various mix and routing functions and a multi-effect device. Endorphin.es Grand Terminal is based on an ARM M4 DSP processor, which processes audio signals at 48KHz/16 bit. Depending on the setting, the Grand Terminal can be used both as part of a synthesizer voice and as a general mono or stereo signal processor with effects unit.

The two function generators can be operated as AD or AR, the time constants can be set between one millisecond and 10 seconds, with variable waveform (exp->lin->log). Time and waveform are also voltage controllable and this module has "End of Stage" outputs. If the module runs in loop mode, the function generators can be played chromatically as LFOs or VCOs in a range of approx. 6.5 octaves.

The filter channels of the Grand Terminal can be connected in parallel or serial. In addition, there is a link mode for editing stereo material. For each of the two filters, one of eight models can be selected by means of the assigned buttons. These are adjustable, both manually and by control voltage. The models are: Transistor Ladder Filter (low pass), Diode Ladder Filter (low pass), Vactrol Low-Pass Gate, Resonant Vactrol Low-Pass Gate, State Variable Low-Pass Filter, State Variable High-Pass Filter, State Variable Band-Pass Filter, Comb Filter.

The multi-effects section offers eight algorithms, which can be adjusted in their mixing ratio to the original, as well as in two parameters each. The algorithms are: Hall Reverb, Shimmer Reverb, Room Reverb, Plate Reverb, Spring Reverb, Ping-Pong Delay, Tape Delay and Chorus. Volume and panorama can also be adjusted manually per channel and via control voltage, whereby high volume settings can be used to generate distortions.


  • 26 HP width, up to 1” in depth
  • two voltage controlled gates with 8 resonant filter modes (ladder, diode, lpg, state variable, comb) chained in dual, stereo or serial combination each with own volume and panning.
  • cabin pressure processor with 8 selected cabin fever effects
  • dual voltage controlled AD/AR/looping envelope generators with arbitrary voltage controlled slope shapes: from EXP to LIN to LOG without stretching the length of a certain slope
  • 1 volt per octave control over envelopes in looping mode (to use the envelopes as band-limited oscillators)
  • don’t forget the stereo – dedicated stereo and mono outputs to connect headphones, route into the Cockpit (our new mixer modules) or record into line-in of your sound blaster.
  • easy firmware update via USB on PC/MAC compatible with any Gateway
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  • 230 mA +12V
  • 65 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 26 mm deep

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