Caparison Dellinger-WB-FX EF Natural

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Код товара: 48950
Гарантия: 12 месяцев

The latest evolution of the popular Dellinger series is based around a new and inspired confluence of tone woods.

The newly constructed bipartite body composition now features a select Walnut top section with an Australian Blackwood foundation. This distinctive combination provides an engaging, sustain rich tone with exceptional clarity in the mid to high frequency range. It implements a well defined, clear and articulate note separation. The inclusion of Jescar stainless steel jumbo frets further enhances the discernible clarity.

The new Dellinger-WB-FX also features the unique Caparison designed high mass ‘Fixed Bridge6’ which effortlessly deals with a variance of string gauges and extreme tunings while maintaining stability and sonic reinforcement. This stability is further enhanced by the use of Gotoh MG-T locking tuners and a Graph Tech Black TUSQ nut.

Caparison made high output SH-NC, VA-IAm and PH-Rm pickups add a unique and complimentary tonal colouration to the Dellinger-WB-FX, providing a whole gamut of timbres from an ultra aggressive growl to the sweetest bell-like harmonic cleans. A range that is further enhanced by a push-pull master tone pot, which simultaneously splits the coils in both the bridge and neck pickups, providing that classic single coil crisp glassy twang.

The 5 piece Maple-Walnut neck is smooth, fast, comfortable, plays like a dream and comes with a choice of Maple or Ebony fingerboards. The Dellinger-WB-FX is available in Natural, Trans Charcoal Black or Trans White colours, each designed to show of the beautiful contours and grain texture of each instrument that emphasises the beautiful simplicity of this effortlessly complex instrument.

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