Augspurger Duo 12-Sub12-DSP3/2500 - Pair

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The Augspurger Duo 12-Sub12-DSP3/2500 aims to take the considerable physical size of Augspurger systems out of the equation for today's smaller studios. Duo 12 captures the magic of the original Augspurger design in a compact format, but with all the clarity, depth and power of its larger siblings. Noteworthy features include main monitor cabinets with dual 12″ drivers and the distinctive Augspurger wooden horn with custom compression driver with beryllium diaphragm. The Sub12 configuration includes an additional Sub12 subwoofer with a 12" drivers. The DSP3/2500 configuration features a three-way system powered by cabinet-mounted Class-D Amplifier systems, with 2500 W per side (1000 W to the Sub, 1000 W to the Mid drivers, and 500 W to the Horn). Extensive DSP provides crossover, limiting, driver alignment and system equalization.

Other color options available upon request. Please call for details - 888.653.1184

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