Argosy Monitor Arm-S1-B 7500-500-104 Single Monitor Arm Black for Monitor 2-13 lb with Flexmount

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Suspend your monitor above your desk with the Argosy Console 7500 Radial Arm. The monitor becomes weightless, and can be quickly repositioned with one hand. Save desk space and add flexibility to your work environment.


  • Reposition the monitor with one hand - no knobs to turn
  • Extends up to 27”, folds to just 3”, vertical range of 18”
  • Monitor pivots 90 degrees for portrait to landscape viewing
  • Tilt monitor up to 200 degrees
  • Includes FLEXmount -- six different mounting options in one kit!
  • Compatible with all VESA monitors - includes VESA mounting plates
  • Includes cable management system -- cables concealed in arm
  • Available in black, silver & white - inquire about custom colors
  • Made in U.S.A.

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