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• One for all! True Mono and True Stereo
• Dual - Mono, no shared contols
• Stereo Mode Channel A controls become master
• The Stereo signal is phase coherent under all settings
• No phase shift or L-R problems can occur due to the innovative SC design
• The Signal path is of Mastering quality
• Real stereo mode! Channel A is stereo master
• There is a minimum of circuitry with a hard relay bypass
• Settings from Soft Knee (Soft=TipToe) to Hard Knee (Brick)
• The Ratio selection switch compensates to provide equal loudness, allowing immediate comparison
• Side chain High Pass Filters with two switchable frequencies are provided onboard
• Metering is analogue with carefully chosen ballistics, and beautifully lit!
• Handsome parameter control via customized scale ranges
• Internal components are of the ultimate quality, modified where necessary
• A Toroid transformer ensures no PSU noise
• The ‘1979’ VCA is made of individual components, no Integrated Circuits
• Encased in a ceramic material for thermal stability
• This 1979 unit adds character to the sound, similar to some Vintage units;
• The harder it compresses the more it colours
• This VCA delivers Real Analogue punch, so difficult to achieve with modern software plug-ins
• A Jensen transformer and a state of the art line-out driver complete the picture by providing perfectly balanced In and Outs

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