Eventide Anthology XI Upgrade from Three Plugins

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Код товара: 41185
Гарантия: 12 месяцев
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This upgrade is available to owners of three Eventide plug-ins.
An iLok account and an Eventide account are required for purchase. For authorization, plug-ins use the Pace iLok License Manager application. Use of an iLok USB dongle is not required.

Designed to help solve problems and inspire new creative possibilities, Eventide Anthology XI offers twenty-three mixing, mastering, and multi-effect plug-ins that combine classic Eventide studio gear with a selection of the company's future classics.

Legacy effects: H910 Harmonizer, H910 Dual, H949, H949 Dual, Omnipressor, PS101 Instant Phaser, and FL201 Instant Flanger.

H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer effects: H3000 Band Delays and H3000 Factory offer unique creative possibilities to breathe life into any instrument or vocal.

Reverb and delay effects: 2016 Stereo Room, Blackhole, MangledVerb, Tverb, UltraReverb, and UltraTap.

Mixing and mastering effects: EChannel and UltraChannel channel strips, EQ45 and EQ65 for two faithful emulations of precision EQs used to surgically sculpt any track.

Next generation effects: Precision Time Align for precise phase adjustment of multi-miked sources, Octavox, Quadravox, and Fission offer expanded creative possibilities.

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