Argosy Console for Digidesign C|24 (90-NC24-RC)

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Argosy 90 Series Consoles ship disassembled for easy installation.  Each model design is product specific to achieve the best possible fit. 

Chassis components are made of 19mm and 32mm MDF to provide strength and durability with minimal acoustical influence.  Open chassis design defeats thermal buildup and permits easy cable access.  Enclosed utility area behind meter-bridge separates, conceals, and protects vital gear and cabling. 

Detachable lids mounted on adjustable hinges and full-length back access panel provide easy access to utility areas.  Multiple cable grommets in back main platform provide convenient cabling access. 

Producers desk inserts provide additional workspace and flexibility to accommodate different configurations. 

Patented modular expandability allows 90 Series chassis to be configured in width from 7.5’ (228.6cm) to 19.6’ (598.4cm) in 29.2” (74.2cm) segments. 


  • 1) 19" rack; 11u spaces
  • 1) Monitor insert 19" wide
  • 1) 1 sp. blank panel

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