Michael Kelly Ele Gtr ModShop 55 Ebony (Fralin) h/h

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The Custom Collection 55 Striped Ebony is one of our most in demand models globally. How on earth could we make it better? By teaming up with our friend Lindy Fralin and coming up with a new pickup combination that makes this a sonic epiphany. Lindy and his small team of pickup artisans hand wind each pickup used in this Mod Shop instrument. For the bridge position you get the Pure PAF. It is Fralin's most articulate humbucker, there is no "mud" here, the Pure PAF provides fantastic note separation even when moderately overdriven. This pickup matches very well with the Fralin Mini Humbucker which we put in the neck position. The Fralin Mini Humbucker is a dual coil hum-canceling... pickup with the clarity and "rounder" high strings normally associated with a single coil pickup. We also gave it our Great 8 Full-Tap mod so you can coil-tap each pickup to get that more traditional single coil tone. Looks, tone, feel - this Mod Shop has it all. Lees meer/minder

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