Endorphin.es 2hp Power

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Код товара: 41688
Гарантия: 12 месяцев
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The Power module from Endorphin.es is a module for the power supply of smaller modular systems such as skiff cases up to 104 TE width. The module consumes DC power between 12 and 20 volts from an external power supply unit. Voltages of up to +1000 mA and -700 mA are output, also depending on how strong the connected power supply is. In addition, there are two passive multiples.


  • Eurorack module
  • power supply
  • For 12-20 V DC power supplies
  • Up to +12 V: 1000 mA / -12 V: 700 mA Power
  • Two passive multiple
  • 2 TE Width
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  • Module does not draw current
  • 42 mm deep

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