Audio-Technica ATW-R1100

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ATW-R1100 2.4GHz Receiver - Fixed

Present in all systems, the ATW-R1100 is a digital 24-bit, 48 kHz diversity receiver, with two permanently attached adjustable antennas. A display on the front panel confirms the numerical 'System ID' which aids multi-system set-up. Coloured status LEDs signal 'AF Peak' (red) when audio distortion is present at maximum modulation (Note: this is unaffected by position of volume control), and 'Pair' Indication (green) to confirm the presence of a paired transmitter. A rotary control provides level (volume) control of both unbalanced 6.35mm and balanced 3-pin, male XLR. For optimum performance it is advisable to position the receiver away from metal racking. The casing is moulded to allow stacking of up to four systems.

Audio frequency response: 20-20kHz. Audio output level: 0dBV, balanced, 3-pin, XLR, +6 dBV, unbalanced 6.35mm jack. Power source: 12V DC 5A (centre positive) via external power supply, 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz. Dimensions: 190 x 46.2 x 128.5mm. Weight: 290g.

Included accessories: AC power adapter.
Optional accessories: AT8674 rack mounting kit, AT8675 blanking plate.

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